From the recording Cold Winter Nights

One night visiting Leslie she handed me these words of love. I foolishly thought it was about me at first. But of course she was pining for her old boyfriend back home. Written in song form, she trusted me to set it to music. She "came out here" as she writes not only to get her head together, but I suspect to get away from someone or something. I had first written this music for Bob Morgan's lyrics. It was a great song, but the band broke up and we moved on to other things. After hearing the new version Bob was not happy that I'd re-written the song without him. What could I say, I was smitten with the new lyricist, whom I later married. I don't know what brought her out here to Seattle but it was a lack of trust and patience that sent her away. We have not spoken but I hope others will relate to the song and give Leslie the acknowledgment of her talent.


Will we ever see each other again It seems so strange without you Do you miss me now as much as I miss you Your touch, your voice, your love, Do you miss me now as much as I miss you. You picked my spirits up when I was down Dressed me up Made me feel real once again Remember those cold winter nights When it felt like spring once again anyway